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Chase This Light - Jimmy Eat World

I've yet to watch a movie with a soundtrack composed completley of Jimmy Eat World songs. Sure, they've contributed to some, such as "Lucky Denver Mint" on Never Been Kissed and "(Splash) Turn Twist" on The Wedding Crashers, but think about it, a whole movie with Jimmy songs. It's really not that unreasonable. All of their albums have the kind of songs that evoke all the kinds of emotions needed to pull it off, and Chase This Light is no exception.

The secret is their ability to balance pop sensibilities with rock credibility. Lead single, "Big Casino", is as catchy as they come and explodes into a massive chorus but unlike hundreds of other songs that could be described that exact same way, you can blast it out your car window shamelessly. "There's lots of smart ideas in books I haven't read" Adkins sings before heading into the chorus.

Like their 2001 breakthrough, Bleed American, every track feels like a potential single. Unlike it's predesesor however, these songs don't feel as immediate, but that's probably a good thing. There is plenty of claps, snaps, whoas and ohs to go around as the album progresses. "Electable (Give It Up)" is perhaps their best use of ohs since "Sweetness" in 2001. "Here It Goes" is a catchy commentary of making it in the music business. Some of their recent releases hinted that the band was moving in a darker direction, but the only evidence of that on the disc is the haunting "Gotta Be Somebody's Blues".

Like all good soundtracks and J.E.W. albums, it ends with an epic closer. Though not as long as "Goodbye Sky Harbor" which clocked in at 16:14, "Dizzy" at 4:47 does just as good a job. It's urgent, dramatic, and a fan favorite (see official website poll).

On second thought, an exclusivley Jimmy Eat World sountrack sounds a little far fetched. No matter how good their albums are, they only do that for The Beatles and ABBA. Regardless, we'll be sure to hear these tracks in upcoming movies, NBA pump-up jams, and most importantly, the soundtrack that J.E.W. does best on, the soundtrack of our lives.


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