Internet Killed The Video Star

Estelle featuring Kanye West - "American Boy"
Estelle is a British singer/rapper who wants an American boy so she sings a song about it with an American boy, Kanye West. The best part is when she sings "Don't like his baggy jeans but I'ma like whats undearneath it" and does that slight wink that old people do when they say something funny and after they do it you wonder if your eyes are decieving you. Now let's pray for a Rachel Stevens cover.

Daft Hands - "Harder Better Faster Stronger"
Some guy was bored and he wrote all over his hands and created this homemade music video for Daft Punk's "Harder Better Faster Stronger" which was sampled and made famous by Kanye West. This Daft Hands guy needs a job. Enjoyable nonetheless.

Chikizie - "She's A Woman"
For Lennon/McCartney night, Chikizie took "She's A Woman" and reinvinted it into a country rendition before exploding into a rocked out falsetto stuttering version that Simon called terrific. How do you argue with that?

Britney Spears - "Break The Ice"
I don't know wheather to believe that this is the real video or some fan made one using Dragon Ball Z clips. Is she serious?


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