iTunes Watch

So American Idol jumped on the digital music bandwagon this season by announcing that each nights' performances will be available for purchase on iTunes. Dredlocked singer Jason Castro was the first to make waves when his rendition of "Hallelujah" climbed to #2 on the iTunes charts. I'm not for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's higher than anything Jordin Sparks has put out yet. I'm not counting on a Castro victory this season though. The high chart placing is definatley based on the song and not the artist. I guess the folks at iTunes realized this and swapped Castro's cover with the Jeff Buckley original which now sits at #1.

That's power right there ladies and gentlemen. American Idol has catipulted a 14 year old song to the top of digital downloads for if only for a few days until Usher shoulders his way back. If you don't believe me, check top music videos. Paula Abdul's comeback, "Dance Like There's No Tommorow" is at #1. American Idol has catipulted a pop star who hasn't released an album since 1995 to the top of digital downloads if only for a few days until ..."Thriller" shoulders its way back. Hmm...Thrillers like 25 years old...and as of right now has nothing to do with American Idol. Well, don't mess with American Idol or Michael Jackson.


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