American Idol

In the epic battle of the David's for the crown at the 7th annual American Idol finales, Cook came out on top. At first, it was a surprise, but reflecting back on it, we should have seen it coming. You have Archuletta, a kid who is being pushed to stardom by an overbearing father up against Cook, a guy who didn't even intend to try out for the show in the first place. I think the underdog in all of us likes the the second storyline better than the first. Sure David Cook was already pursuing a musical career, but the idea that a bartender could walk into an audition he went to only to support his brother and end up winning the entire competition is so much more fulfilling than thinking that another Papa Simpson or Papa Cyrus was a puppetmaster calling the shots for their kids to be superstars and live through them.

David Cook never seemed like the American Idol early on in the competition. But about the time he changed his hair, he lost his attitude, and Michael Johns got kicked off, he became a contender. For as cocky as he initially was, after Simon called him out on it, David changed. It wasn't an act at being humble, I think he really was humbled. He found himself at the final and was nothing but gracious at the opportunity he had before him and at David Archuletta's talent, but wasn't everyone?

Randy predicted about Archie, "this boy's the one to beat" and after the final performance, Simon announced that he had won in a landslide. Outside the Nokia Theatre, Fox newscasters from around the country were discussing who had won and they all brought up points about performances, but they completley missed the point. Not one mentioned the fact that Syesha Mercado had accumulated a large fan base that had lost her and who they turned their texts to had an insurmountable advantage. No one said anything about disgruntled Cook fans texting overtime to prove Simon wrong. But all of those things happened.

Right when Simon apologized to Cook for being rude, you knew something was up. He'd been tipped off or something and was trying to save face. Well, David Cook is our American Idol. He owns the top three on iTunes. Honestly, he'll make better music. Archuletta had a fan base of 14 year olds but made music for 44 year olds. His adult contemorory was too adult and not enough contemporary. Cook on the other hand, has great potential for recording some hits.

In American Idol, winning isn't everything. In season 2, Clay Aiken reached #1 on Billboard while Ruben Studdard had to settle for #2. Chris Daughtry seems to be more popular than Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee. Still, Cook has already put up a convincing argument that he is worthy of his title breaking a Neilson Soundscan era chart record for most debuts for an artist in a single week with 11 and they are:
3 - "The Time Of My Life"
15 - "Dream Big"
22 - "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
28 - "The World I Know"
42 - "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"
47 - "Billie Jean"
67 - "Always Be My Baby"
73 - "Hello"
77 - "The Music Of The Night"
92 - "Eleanor Rigby"
99 - "I'm Alive"
Only the Beatles have ever had more songs in the top 100 at a given time with 14 in April of 1964. Now enjoy both Cook's and Archie's Guitar Hero commercials.


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