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More free downloads already? Yes. This week we have the first single from The Faint's new album Fasciinatiion (out today) entitled "The Geeks Were Right" and Keane's new single, "Spiralling".

"The Geeks Were Right" depicts a horrendous future where all of our worst B list horror movie fears have come true rendered in the Faint's signature "death by synthesizer" attitude. "Spiralling" shows that Keane has grown up from their Disney soundtrack sounding beginnings and are now making earnest rock music you can dance too. Popjustice described it saying, "It sounds like about a hundred things you've already heard, but you've never heard them all together before and you've never heard them with all these trademark Keanisms thrown on top."

For those of you sick of having to enter in your e-mail address and be spammed with artist news, the Faint download is no strings attached. But seriously, are the one or two spams you get before you remove yourself from the mailing list really all that bad? You got to get these downloads before they dissapear and I promise that they will be the best zero cents you've spent all week.

The Faint
"The Geeks Were Right"



Bronson said...

I didn't think you would find more free downloads this soon!

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