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Two British acts are releasing free songs on their website for a limited time. Coldplay offers their second free song, "Death Will Never Conquer" as a thank you to fans for supporting them on their tour. It is a piano folk diddy that clocks in at 1:16.

Do you ever listen to the Spice Girls and wonder why they don't sound British when they sing but they do when they talk? Yeah, me too. The Streets is a guy who is very British when he, he doesn't sing...when he raps...well, he doesn't really rap either, he kind of talks over his tracks. He is pretty good though; like the British Eminem. You can get his new single "The Escapist" off his site.

Even if you hate both the songs, they were free right? Enjoy!

"Death Will Never Conquer"

The Streets
"The Escapist"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. You guys are definitely plugged into the iGeneration, as is your claim. How 'bout a post on the youtube culture?

Bronson said...

Dude, where do you get all these links to free music?

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