Happy Birthday Madonna

Today, the Queen of Pop turns 50. I know its fashionable to crack grandma jokes but think about it, this woman has been defining pop for half her life now and is one of the few people in all of popular music who has been able to sustain a career for such a long time. At age 49 she topped the album charts with Hard Candy and surely that must be a record for oldest person to do so, but alas, it is not. In fact, in the top five oldest people to have a number one album, none of them are woman.

Oldest Living Chart Toppers

1. Neil Diamond age 67 - "Home Before Dark" (2008)
2. Bob Dylan age 65 - "Modern Times" (2006)
3. Louis Armstrong age 62 - "Hello Dolly!" (1964)
4. Rod Stewart age 61 - "Still The Same...Great Rock Classics Of Our Times" (2006)
5. The Eagles all age 60 - "Long Road Out Of Eden" (2007)

Top female: Barbara Streisand age 51 "Back To Broadway" (1993)

She's still got eleven years before she can crack the top 5 but only two years until she has the opportunity to top Streisand's record. It seems like its a record you wouldn't really want, oldest living chart topper, but thinking about the alternative, either being dead or not having enough people care about your music to buy it, it's a pretty good record to have.

Here's a video of her 1984 performance of "Like A Virgin" at the Video Music Awards. If it wasn't for this, there would have been no Britney-Madonna kiss.


vicm said...

Madonna needs to stop grinding with people who are young enough to be her children. Age gracefully woman.

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