Best known for his 1971 #1 hit "Theme From 'Shaft'", Issac Hayes passed away Sunday. Not only did he write, produce, and perform his chart topper, Hayes went on to win both an Oscar and a Grammy for the track. You might have also heard him as the "voice of Nick At Nite" as well as Chef on South Park. Collin Stanback, A&R executive at Stax said of Hayes, "A lot of artists owe Isaac his career because a lot of music was based on his foundation".

Chatting with comedian Russell Brand and oblivious to the elephant mumbling around behind them, Britney Spears takes her first steps toward a proper comeback in a recent VMA ad. Will she perform? So far, only Lil Wayne and the Jonas Brothers are slated, but anything could happen. A Spears performance would give the network a ratings boost. Her 2007 appearance lip syncing and swaying to "Gimme More" put the show 23% more viewers than 2006. Spears also reports that her next studio album is due out in six to nine months. "I think it is more urban," she says in an interview with OK! Magazine. "I'm writing every day, right here at the piano in this living room. This is my best work ever."

After being rejected in favor of Alicia Keys and Jack White to compose and perform the theme for the latest James Bond film, "Quantom of Solace", Amy Winehouse vows that she will release hers anyways. Wanting to prove the move makers wrong, Winehouse plans to release it the same day as the official track for an epic chart showdown. Talking to Britain's New Magazine she said, "If they want a worldwide hit I have them all up here (pointing to her beehive)."

Abba's greatest hits compliation, Gold, remains at #1 in the UK, an incredible feat considering it was released 16 years ago. Due to chart rules in the US, older albums can only chart on the album catalouge chart, which Gold currently sits atop. On the Billboard 200 however, the soundtrack to the film "Mama Mia!" is #1 after five weeks in the charts already. This is the second #1 soundtrack to do so in 2008 after "Juno" did so in January.


Bronson said...

Dude, Britney hasn't looked that good since Toxic.

vicm said...

I get it, no one notices the elephant in the room. Very clever.

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