To celebrate 50 years of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, 17 Tracks will highlight the chart's record breakers, chart toppers, and milestones for the next two weeks. Perhaps the most important record is that of most #1 hits of all time. There's a bit of controversy surrounding the inclusion of Elvis Presley. The Hot 100 was first complied in August of 1958 by combining the airplay, jukebox play, and sales. Ten of Presley's 17 #1's came before the creation of the Hot 100 but reached pole position on the pop chart. Some chart watchers count pre-Hot 100 hits while some do not. Here, we will. Elvis is the freaking King of Rock n' Roll; how can we not include him?


vicm said...

I noticed that you put 'latest number 1' for Mariah Carey and Usher but not Madonna. Do you think she's really done?

hun*ter said...

Well, come on, both MC and Usher had their last #1's in 2008. It's likely that they each could reach the top a couple more times (We can only pray that Mariah's done though). Madonna on the other hand, made a record with the hottest producer in the business and duetted with the new Michael Jackson in a desperate attempt to stay relevant and she just barley reached #3.

Bronson said...

What worries me is that only 3 #1's stand in the way of Mimi and her being the all time chartoppingest chartopper. Honestly, she doesn't even deserve to be above Elvis.

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