TRL Ending In November

When MTV first started out they played music videos 24/7. Then they started dabbling in crappy reality and dating shows. Then youtube was invented, internet killed the video star, and TRL became the last stronghold of the music video on the network(even if they only showed a couple second snippet). After 10 years, MTV is putting the show to rest.

Dolly Parton Saves The Day

Add Dolly Parton to the list of artists who's catalogue is prestigious enough to get a Broadway or Las Vegas show. On opening night, technical difficulties threatened to piss the audience off but Dolly saved the day.

Kanye West/50 Cent Rivalry Heats Up

Oh brother. Does 50 Cent actually think he's funny?


Bronson said...

Haha, those 50 Cent fans HATE Kanye. I thought I heard somewhere that their whole rivalry was made up to create publicity and boost sales.

Anonymous said...

Dolly Parton is crazy. She looks like the Joker.

afree said...

Without snippets of music videos, MTV will cease to be MTV.

50 Cent fans hate Kanye because they have an inferiority complex. The most abstract concept their rapper can rap about is reimagining his body as a candy shop.

Dolly Parton isn't crazy, she's just trying a little too hard to stay young. Unlike another old timer trying to do the same thing however, Dolly is one of the nicest performers you would want to meet. Anytime she's commenting on someone else, it's always positive. She's a true American hero.

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