Concert Revenue On The Rise...Sort Of...

The numbers are in and this summer's concerts grossed more than in summer 2007. From May 1 to Labor Day, concerts pulled in $1 billion dollars compared to last year's $948.5 million, a 5% increase. The only problem is that these numbers don't tell the whole story as actual attendance of concerts was down 4% this summer. Less tickets were sold, but the difference was made up through higher ticket prices. Kenny Chesney tops the list grossing $62.7 million with his show with the Police Reunion Concert at a distant second ($44.5 million). Another big winner was the American Idols Live tour which pulled $24.6 million after making only $15.6 million for the 2007 show.

Top Ten Highest Grossing Concerts of Summer 2008:
1. Kenny Chesney: $62.7 million
2. The Police: $44.5 million
3. Tom Petty/Steve Winwood: $34.6 million
4. Dave Matthews Band: $30.7 million
5. Bruce Springsteen: $28.4 million
6. Billy Joel: $25.6 million
7. The Jonas Brothers: $25.1 million
8. American Idols Live: $24.6 million
9. Neil Diamond: $22.4 million
10. Rascal Flatts: $21.4 million

USA Today


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