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"2 of Hearts" - Annie

At the crossroads of Pitchfork's judgmental indie snobbery and Popjustice's campy and irreverent defensiveness is Annie, Norway's underground electropop singer. The Scandinavian starlet's self titled debut in 2004 produced "Heartbeat" and "Chewing Gum" (Pitchfork's #1 and #11 songs of the year respectively) and fans eagerly awaited it's follow up, Don't Stop, which was due out this year. The album, in its entirety, leaked onto the net this summer and now her label announced that it won't be available until April 2009. Usually, when albums leak, record companies push the release date up, but no, their going to push it back seven more months.

Today, Annie's Richard X produced cover of Suzie Q's "2 of Hearts" has hit the web. Apparently it's legal because its on the front page of Pitchfork, Popjustice, Idolator, and even Richard X's own website. Annie's calm coo glides effortlessly over X's multi-layered syth track to create yet another intelligent dance song that will satisfy hipsters and pop lovers alike.

Annie - "2 of Hearts"


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Anonymous said...

I officially blame you for getting Chewing Gum stuck in my head. Also what's with that retarded t.i. song Whatever you want? 'Dead and Gone' is the best song on the album.

vicm said...

I like how the site where you download the song has scantily clad woman's booties. Just in time for General Confrence!

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