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Palin Gives SNL, Adele A Major Boost

Saturday Night Live received it's highest ratings for viewers in 14 years this weekend with the highly anticipated visit of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Twenty year old British singer Adele was lucky enough to be the guest artist. Her album, 19 (she was 19 when it was released), has been wildly successful in her home country, reaching #1 in the album charts and being certified platinum. In the United States however, it hasn't gone as well. After being released in January, it rose as high as #44 on the Billboard 200 album chart but no higher.

What better way to boost sales and interest than performing on the Saturday Night Live with the highest viewership since figure skater Nancy Kerrigan (the one who was clubbed in the knee by Tonya Harding's ex-husband) and Aretha Franklin took the stage in 1994? After her performance, 19 shot up the iTunes top album list and by Sunday night she topped it.

Over on iTune's top songs chart, "Womanizer" reclaimed pole position after playing second fiddle to Taylor Swift's "Fearless". "Fearless" is apart of a countdown to Swift's new album, a tactic used earlier for the Jonas Brother's release, where several new songs are release in the weeks leading up to an album's release date. Although it will have a tough chance keeping #1 on the Hot 100 this week with T.I.'s massive airplay, "Womanizer" has a good shot at a good third week position with it's continued sales.

Adele "Chasing Pavements"


vicm said...

Lucky Adele. I think Coldplay is on next week. I wonder how much of a sales boost they would have gotten if they played this past Saturday instead. I think Viva La Vida is still selling well considering it came out this summer.

Womanizer gets better and better the longer it's #1 on iTunes. I think the video helped too.

Anonymous said...

All I've ever heard about Adele is that she is the new Amy Winehouse. (How long does it take until an artists can have other artists named the new them? Honestly) She's talented though.

hun*ter said...

Sure enough, Adele is this week's greatest sales gainer. her album jumped from #129 to #46.

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