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"The Promise" - Girls Aloud

The Girls Aloud are the latest group to jump on the retro bandwagon. With them however, it feels far less trite because the Aloud and Xenomania have always been committed to taking influences from all genres and decades. "The Promise" wears its inspiration on it's sleeve, hearkening to a distinct Motown-esque sound. Usually, Nadine Coyle with her unique "fog horn" of a voice is the Diana Ross to the group's Supremes (though Cheryl Cole has always gotten more press), but "The Promise" grants each girl their own part of the song to sing solo. If the track goes top ten in the UK, the Girls will break their own record for consecutive top ten hits (17 to date). If it were by anybody else, it wouldn't be a big deal, but since its the Girls Aloud, everyone over at Popjustice is freaking out over it. I just like seeing them all in Mary Tyler Moore hair.


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