Madonna Desperate To Sell Out Seats At Dodger Stadium

After noticing that no one cared about her album after Justin Timberlake left, Madonna is once again turning to the pop star as well as his ex-girlfriend tonight in Los Angeles to fill seats. Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour has fared much better than her album has, but as of this morning, her show still had some (relatively) cheap seats up for grabs. On LA's KIIS FM, Ryan Seacrest announced that both Timberlake and Britney Spears will be appearing on stage with Madonna. No news on what exactly the young stars will be doing, performing "4 Minutes", "Me Against The Music", or "Human Nature" perhaps? The real question is, how long can she suck the life out of Mickey Mouse club graduates to stay relevant?


afree said...

This goes along with your article on collaborations. Madonna using Britney and Justin to get a little extra publicity. It's not like it's all one sided though; Britney is defiantly benefiting from this too.

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