Leak of the Day:
"My Life Would Suck Without You" - Kelly Clarkson

Not only did the song leak, but it's been up on YouTube all day long without someone from RCA yanking it. It's almost like they want bloggers to put it up on their site to generate some buzz. It's like "Since U Been Gone" 2.0 but instead of being a bitter breakup middle finger anthem, it's about staying together. It has enough bite that I wonder why Kelly feels the need to go all campy with the faux Katy Perry single cover.


Anonymous said...

You spoke too soon. They yanked it.

hun*ter said...

The video I used is STILL up on YouTube but the embedding was disabled...so it is the record company putting it out there. Don't worry, I put up a new link so it works now.

vicm said...

My life would suck without YOU 17 Tracks!!!

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