Single Review
"Diva" - Beyonce

I don't know what it is, but I just can't take "Single Ladies" seriously. The phrase "single ladies put you're hands up" accompanied by an extended rotating hand have become the joke de jour of my friends and I. That's not the response Sasha Fierce was going for. As her alter ego, Beyonce becomes a fire breathing man hater who pitches songs laser crafted for all the independent women in the world. Wait a minute, that's exactly what she did before she had an alter ego. "Single Ladies" missed the mark but "Diva" is a bulls eye. If a diva is the female version of a hustler then "Diva" is the female version of "A Milli". Like the Lil Wayne track, a bizarro voice is looped endlessly as Knowles sings to the fiercest song of her career. Check out the video, especially the end where she blows up the car a la hubby Jay-Z in "Crazy In Love". She's so fierce it makes you wonder why she was so concerned about being a boy a couple weeks ago.


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