He's Not A Businessman, He's A Business, Man

Not content with making only music, rapper Kanye West announced his partnership with GURU Beverages Inc. yesterday. West will have his own energy drink that is "inspired by his own personal artistic vision" and he will have an active role in each stage of the drinks' development. I just want to know how an energy drink can be inspired by someone's personal artistic vision? How can any beverage be inspired by someone's personal artistic vision? I guess my drink would be orange and blue Gatorade mixed.

Perhaps even more exciting is Ye's new fragrance in a partnership with Parlux Fragrances, Inc. Jay-Z and Rihanna are also on board to release scents that capture the very essence of them or some other euphemistic phrase designed by the marketing department to make Kanye cologne smell better than Aqua Di Gio. With CD sales down though, who can blame artists for selling out?


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