New Music Set to Clog Blogs, Hopefully Sell Some CDs

September 9 was hailed as the last gasp of the dying record industry with the Beatles remastered albums and Rockband game as well as Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3 dropping, but September 28 might end up trumping it.

Tomorrow a slew of albums will hit stores that might send people to music aisle at Wal-Mart who don't usually visit. Madonna's hits compilation, Celebration will get dance aficionados and gays there, Mariah Carey's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel will get all her "lambs" and aspiring American Idols, while Barbra Streisand's Love Is The Answer will be able to get your mom and Hillary Clinton to drop $12.99.

Other new releases include Brand New Eyes by Paramore, Revolution by Miranda Lambert, and Black Gives Way To Blue by Alice and Chains. Jay's aforementioned The Blueprint 3, Whitney Houston's I Look To You, and Taylor Swift's Fearless, all currently in Billboard's top ten, are expected to continue to sell (moderately) well.

Also newsworthy, tomorrow will see the debut of new songs. Britney Spears will release the should-be-spelled-out-because-its-less-than-ten "3", Chris Brown takes his next step towards a comeback with "Transformer", and the Foo Fighters will drop "Wheels".

Make no doubt about it, after 9/28, you'll forget 9/9 even happened.


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