Video of the Year Nominees

The MTV Video Music Awards are hours away! Here are the nominees for Video of the Year. The choices this year are light years away from the unfortunate list that was selected in 2008. Just like last year director Joseph Kahn lands two entries in the shortlist. Click on the song to watch the video
Beyonce - "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"
Director: Jake Nava
It is her simplest video yet but it worked wonders. It became an instant classic thanks to hordes of delusion Beyonce fans who thought the world wanted to see them put on a leotard and do in their bedrooms what Beyonce did in front of a screen. This iconic clip has a good shot at taking home the moonman.Eminem - "We Made You"

Director: Joseph Kahn
Slim Shady hasn't had a solo video since 2005, so can you blame him for mocking things that lost their cultural relevance six months ago? Dukes of Hazzard Jessica, Blackout Britney, and Governor Sarah are all still humorous. I'm surprised this is his first time appropriating Elvis in one of his videos.Lady Gaga - "Poker Face"
Director: Ray Kay
"The Fame" is all about acting like you are the bomb even if you aren't yet. Gaga showed the world how to do that with this video, a piece of pop art that looks like it was made by the world's premiere pop star. Filmed seven months before it hit No. 1, she proved the value of fake it till you make it. Another front runner.

Britney Spears - "Womanizer"
Director: Joseph Kahn
This video was make-or-break for Britney Spears who desperately needed a hit to kick start her comeback. It's basically a Toxic 2.0 but even skankier because she writhes around in the sauna without the decency to put diamonds on! Better than her moonman winning video "Piece of Me" from last year? Yes. Going to win? Probably not.

Kanye West - "Love Lockdown"
Director: Simon Henwood
This song is now a year old as Kanye premiered it at last year's VMAs. This video is like a clash of cultures with a sleek and uber-modern apartment juxtaposed with neon tribal dancers. Inspired by the film American Psycho, Kanye takes us to a bizarre world of nightmares created by (808s and) heartbreak.


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