Album Review: Kid Cudi "Man on the Moon: The End of Day"

Kid Cudi first came to my attention with the highly infectious Crooker's remix of his debut single, "Day N Nite". A few months later, the rapper made waves on the blogosphere when he sampled a stripped down version of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" on the track "Make Her Say" featuring Kanye West and Common.

It wasn't until his third single dropped, the indie crossover track "Pursuit of Happiness" featuring MGMT, that I decided to look more closely at this Kanye West protege. Cudi's Man on the Moon: The End of Day is a hip-hop masterpiece, a College Dropout for 2009.

Divided into five acts, Cudi follows the trials and travails of the mysterious man on the moon. Whoever the man on the moon is (during opening track "In My Dreams", it sure sounds a hell of a lot like Barack Obama, but that's the only place on the album it does), he leads a depressing life. The aforementioned "Day N Night" is about a sleepless stoner and "Pursuit of Happiness" is a dead end with Cudi regretting drinking and smoking so much.

Sonically, the album is a mixture of hip-hop, indie rock, and electronica that are melded together to create an ambient and original sound. Courting so many different listeners can be a dangerous challenge but Cudi pulls it off.

"Alive" showcases Cudi's most laid back slurred raps, probably the funnest moment on the entire album. "I watch the sun collapse and tuck up in a clizzoud, I am the lone wolf I go where I wanna," he garbles at 2:51. Closing track "Up Up & Away" is another highlight, an optimistic close and happy ending for the man on the moon. The guitar heavy pop song is a carefree roll-your-windows-down life affirming anthem as Cudi raps, "'Cause in the end they'll judge me anyway so whatever."

We have judged Cudi, and you just made one of the best albums of the year

Rating: 9/10

Must Download: Click to preview
"Day N Nite"
"Pursuit of Happiness" feat. MGMT
"Up Up & Away"


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