Lil Wayne To Drop Mixtape

Lil Wayne has a lot on his plate with a possible prison sentence looming and two albums promised before the ball drops in New York City, but he still has time to flood the Internet with free music.

The rapper, known for releasing free mixtapes online, surprised the blogosphere announcing a new mixtape, No Ceilings, this week. The mix is will have no auto-tune and no features. Woah. Ca-razy.

One of the songs to have already made its way online is a freestyle rap over the beat for Jay-Z's "Run This Town" which is waaaaay better than the Rihanna cop out Hova put out.

There is also speculation that Wayne will be converting to Rastafarrism if he has to go to jail...well, maybe not, but that is the only loophole in the prison system that would allow the rapper to keep his dreadlocks.


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