Pop and the Occult: Lady Gaga is a Puppet of the Illuminati

Theories linking rock 'n roll and the occult have always been popular, and those charges are brought up against pop singer Lady Gaga in a website claiming that she is a puppet of the Illuminati.

The two part article on The Vigilant Citizen (read part 1 and part 2) claims Gaga is controlled by the Illuminati, a small group of influential elite who shape the world's, economic, political and religious landscape. Their spiritual beliefs are based on Freemasonry.

The articles point to the singer's name, recent photo shoots, and her vapid persona as evidence that she is a mind controlled puppet of the Illuminati.

The stage name Lady Gaga is a reference to "Radio Gaga", a Queen song (also a famous occult related rock band. Check "Another One Bites The Dust" backmasking on YouTube. It says "start to smoke marijuana" backwards. Satan did it.) with a music video based on the film Metropolis. The film, about a working class woman chosen by the elite to give life to a robot, is filled with Masonic and Satanic symbols.

Scene from 1927 silent film Metropolis. Working class girl gives life to robot through science and black magic.

One of the most familiar symbols of the Illuminati is the all-seeing eye. It's found on American money, and also displayed by Lady Gaga on numerous occasions. The eye peering out over the pyramid is also interesting because Gaga seems to love triangles.

The all seeing eye of Lady Gaga
Recent photos of the singer also appear to be in Masonic lodges. The picture at the top of the article depicts Gaga on a throne with the Masonic symbol of the compass above her and flanked by two pillars. The dress made of Hello Kitties apparently refers to mind control, as in innocence, childhood, re-education.

After reading the article, the following video, a commercial for a German TV channel seems kind of creepy. You have pyramids, the all seeing eye, and all the Gagas dancing around reminds me of the Riddler's mind control technology in Batman Forever. "It's Fun" the commercial says at the end. Sure it is.

Lady Gaga's Illuminati TV Spot

And if that wasn't creepy enough for you, check out this video played during her concert.

Lady Gaga's vapid robotic performance as "Candy Warhol"


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Dude, that was sooooooo creepy!

G@Rr!$0n said...

haha this is awesome :) i love little conspiracies... you should look into Lily Allen... i was listening to her song 'Him' and it there is a line that i'm pretty sure is about 9/11....

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