Beyonce and Gaga Team Up: Round One

Beyonce has teamed up with Lady Gaga for a remix of the track "Video Phone" for the deluxe version of her album I Am...Sasha Fierce. This will be the first duet for the singers as Gaga will feature Beyonce on a similarly titled "Telephone" for The Fame Monster.

Is it just me or is this the sexiest you've seen Lady Gaga? The best part though is Beyonce's opening line: "Shawty what your name is?"


God Bless**AmY** said...

crappy song!! But I would agree with you about Lady Gage-she is hot! when she cleans up her outfits and stuff off her face.
You still have yet to answer my question-Why do you not like Katy Perry?

Lil Boi said...

I liked this song, it's pretty fantashtic in my opinion! Lady Gaga is one crazy slut, who happens to look pretty dam* hot! She has a look and appeal that reminds me a lot of surrealist art, she offers an intrigue which is hardly explainable with words!

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