Kris Allen and Adam Lambert Album Sales: A Referendum on Obama

This Tuesday, American Idol winner Kris Allen released his self titled debut album. The same day, former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin released her book Going Rogue: An American Life. It seems fitting that Allen and Palin would share that day to release their respective works.

The finale for season 8 of American Idol was touted as a red state vs. blue state showdown. Allen, the humble Christian guitar player from Conway, Arkansas was up against the flamboyant and dramatic Adam Lambert from San Diego, California.

If Idol were just a talent competition, Lambert had the edge. Wowing the judges week after week, he displayed amazing range and was unlike any contestant the show has ever had. American Idol is much more than a talent competition though. It's also a popularity contest.

Ultimately, Americans decided that Lambert was a little too "out there" for their taste. Either that or the 14-year-old Allen fans who voted dozens of times the night of the finale overwhelmed Lambert's supporters. Regardless, The New York Times ran a front page article questioning if AT&T swayed the voting results when they hosted parties in Arkansas and provided free phones for fans to text on. Sure, it isn't "hanging chads", but should we demand a recount?

The New York Times wasn't the only "liberal elite" media outlet that took sides following the more conservative Allen's coronation as America's Idol. Rolling Stone did a full on cover story of Lambert with the headline "Wild Idol: The Liberation of Adam Lambert". The singer appeared on the cover with a snake and publicly came out in the article.

Various news outlets, including the New York Times, hyped gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia a few weeks ago, calling them a referendum on Obama. Of course, Republican victories in a few states don't necessarily spell doom for Obama in 2012, but could album sales for Allen and Lambert be a barometer for the country's political climate?

Let's see what each artist has going for and against them in this red state-blue state showdown.

What Kris Allen has going for him:
  • Non-offensive singer-songwriter music can reach unlikely music buyers such as soccer moms.
  • His good looks and awe-schucks demeanor might be enough to sway Lambert loving homosexuals to buy both albums.
  • Without the support of mainstream media, his "underdog" status might make crazed 14-year-old female fans buy two copies.
What Kris Allen doesn't have going for him:
  • Radio programmers might deem him too boring.

What Adam Lambert has going for him:
  • Music co-written with proven hit makers Max Martin, Lady Gaga, and Dr. Luke might be catchy enough for red state record buyers to pick up a copy.
  • People who live on the coasts make more money than everyone in the "flyover zone", right?
  • If Lady Gaga vs. Britney Spears is any indication of America's political climate, Lady Gaga is winning right now.
What Adam Lambert doesn't have going for him:
  • Let's be honest, that album cover scares children.
Numbers for first week sales of Kris Allen will be available next week and Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment will hits stores November 23.


Bronson said...

You WOULD take American Idol and make it political

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, that album cover scares homosexuals...

God Bless**AmY** said...

Everything is Political! And I am a little confused on what party you go with...Adam is the best and should have won. :)

hun*ter said...

I'm glad you can't tell whose side I'm on! That's the role of a fair and balanced pundit.

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