Shakira Throws Together Crappy Video for "Give It Up To Me"

Lil Wayne is making his way into all my favorite songs of the moment. He is featured on Shakira's "Give It Up To Me", the third single from her delayed album She Wolf. The song is produced by Timbaland, and the title sounds an awful lot like another Timbaland song ("Give It To Me" w/ Justin and Nelly in 2007). Come to think of it, Shakira's second single, "Did It Again" sounds an awful like another famous pop song. Hopefully these familiar sounding song titles will sell well at iTunes. I'm pretty sure this video won't do anything for it.


hun*ter said...

Ugh. Sorry the video link takes you to another site and sorry you have to sit through an interview to watch the video. Is it really worth sitting through? I'll be honest, it's not.

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