The Wait Is Ova: Rihanna Puts Out A Respectable Single Again

"Russian Roulette", the lead single for Rihanna's fourth album Rated R, was a slow burner, not exactly lead single material. I guess her record label was well aware of that, so days after "Roulette" dropped, her next single, "Wait Your Turn", has hit the web.

The song is a lot darker than material she's recorded in the past, which in light of recent events, is to be expected. There are football analogies, as well as the addictive hook "the wait is ova". It's not exactly "um-ber-ella-ella-ella eh eh", but it works.

After the 17 Tracks Halloween post about Lady Gaga being a puppet of the illuminati, I'm seeing one eyed rock stars everywhere. Notice Rihanna's pirate patch in her gothic black and white clip for "Wait Your Turn"


Jason said...

Maybe the entire music world is secretly run by them!

hun*ter said...

I'm pretty sure it is.

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