Weezer + Weezy = Can't Stop Partying

Weezer has teamed up with Lil Wayne for a track on their new album Ratitude.

"Can't Stop Partying" is a standout song even without Weezy, but the rapper's bridge only adds to the song and album's blogability.

"Monday to Sunday I hit all the clubs and everybody knows me when I pull up. I have a real big posse, yeah I run deep," Rivers Cuomo sings.

Last year's "Pork And Beans" was a tongue in cheek look at the late 00s, something that "Can't Stop Partying" continues without trying as hard. It's fist pumping pop, and a surefire party starter as 2009 draws to a close.

Wayne's rap is hilarious. "Party like tomorrow is my funeral. Gotta stop mixing alcohol with pharmaceuticals." No more purple ladies for you Weezy.

Check out the track below and then head over to iTunes to buy it. Don't worry, the iTunes site doesn't say feat. Lil Wayne, but it does.


Anonymous said...

I think every Weezer release since after Pinkerton has been Rivers Cuomo taunting the hardcore Weezer cultists. He knows that if he teams up with Lil Wayne, it'll piss them off. He knows if he released three straight albums of absurdly catchy/cheesy pop rock, it'll piss them off. So he keeps doing it. I've liked a lot of the songs he's released in this century, but they're definitely not as brilliant as the '90s releases. And that's okay. Maybe when Cuomo dies, we'll find hundreds of masterpiece recordings in his house, and he'll be seen by history as a John Lennon or Bob dylan.

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