Chart Watch UPDATE: Ke$ha Bests Lady Gaga in Online Streaming

In last week's edition of Chart Watch, I was puzzled over how Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" was ranked No. 2 on the Hot 100 while "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga sat at No. 3 despite having more downloads and radio spins. I, along with skads of other chart watchers, asked Billboard how this was possible. This was their reply:

"On the Hot 100, it is, indeed, a rare occasion when a song leads another in airplay and sales, yet trails on the Hot 100. The Hot 100 is mainly an airplay and sales hybrid chart. However, online song and video streaming from AOL and Yahoo! contributes, as well, and when airplay and sales totals are close, streaming can be a tie-breaker."

So, despite Gaga's razor thin margin over Ke$ha with downloads and airplay, "Tik Tok" was streamed three times more than "Bad Romance". just enough to put it at No. 2


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