2010 Grammy Predictions

The 2010 Grammy Awards are just days away.  Here are 17 Tracks predictions for the show's winners after the jump

Album of the Year:
Dave Matthews Band Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King
This category is easy.  Pick the album that you haven't listened to, and 9 times out of 10, you'll be right.

Record of the Year
Taylor Swift "You Belong With Me"
Taylor will have loyal Nashville voters on her side, and add in her phenomenal year in sales and radio hits, and she's a shoe in.

Song of the Year
Taylor Swift "You Belong With Me"
This category is more pop friendly, but no dance song has ever won, so we'll give it to Taylor too. 

Best New Artist
Females do very well for themselves in this category, giving Keri Hilson an edge, but the likelihood that MGMT will matter in ten years and this categories "curse" makes them my pick.  Honestly though, do any of these artists seem like they will be around in ten years?  Not really.

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
Taylor Swift "You Belong With Me"
Girlfriend is going to sweep everything she's entered in with this song.  Unfortunately, she's written and performed so many better ones.  Oh well.

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
Stevie Wonder "All About The Love Again"
This category is usually weak, and the Grammy is usually awarded to an old washed up singer who used to be the bomb, but now he's just one of the few that old voters recognize.

Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Group or Duo
The Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling"
The Peas took this category only three years ago with the horrid "My Humps".  "I Gotta Feeling" is miles better.

Best Dance Recording
Lady Gaga "Poker Face"
This was the category Gaga was nominated in last year for "Just Dance", which is the reason she was ineligable for the Best New Artist category this year.  She can probably thank Kanye for Daft Punk winning last year.  Their "Harder Better Faster Stronger" live recording took home the award and you have to wonder if being sampled on West's "Stronger" had anything to do with it.

Best Rap Song
Jay-Z feat. Kanye West & Rihanna "Run This Town"
This is one of the strongest category.  Jay-Z is even up against himself with "D.O.A." also being nominated.  I picked "Run This Town" because of the Kanye effect.  Tossing him into the song can't hurt, right?


Chase said...

I'm going out on a limb here, and predicting Gaga wins Record of the Year. I know, I know-- pop/dance tracks never win top honors at the Grammys, but if anyone can defy the system, it's Lady Gaga. "Poker Face" is substantial pop music; epic, you might say. "You Belong with Me" is too flimsy to be named "Record of the Year."

Speaking of flimsy- if Swift takes home any award bearing the inscription "Best Vocal..." I will officially divorce the Grammys. I could handle a "Best Song" or "Best Album" win for Swift-- there's no denying her adept song writing skills-- but to include her in a list of talented singers like Adele, Beyonce, Pink, or Kelly Clarkson is almost laughable.

And that's the gospel truth.

AmyHatesPeople!YesThatMeansYou;) said...

Record of the year-Kings of Leon, Use Somebody...Album of the Year-Lady Gaga all the way. Song of the year-Kings of Leon Use Somebody. Best new artist-Zac Brown Band...But really I wont watch it. And I would disagree with Chase, taylor Swift is talented, and if anyone can sing for both Country and Pop more power to her. God Bless

hun*ter said...

May the best artist win.

Chase said...

I never said Taylor Swift isn't talented, madear, I just said she isn't a great singer. She has a pleasant singing voice, sure, but to call her a Grammy-worthy vocalist is a bit absurd. And that's the reason for the teardrops on MY guitar.

hun*ter said...

You're right, she really isn't. You hear her live and wish she was lip syncing. I love the girl though!

AmyHatesPeople!YesThatMeansYou;) said...

Point taken!

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