Britney Spears Named Most Searched Person of the 2000s

Pop star Britney Spears has been named the most searched person of the decade according to Ask Jeeves.

Spears landed ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama, Soccer player David Beckahm, the late Princess Diana, and and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"Britney Spears began the decade as a fresh-faced new superstar on the block and has remained as high profile ever since," said Nadia Kelly, an Ask Jeeves spokeswoman.

Spears has sold 85 million records worldwide and is the youngest female artist to rack up five No. 1 albums. Web users have had so many reasons to search for the 28 year-old. She began the decade with a reporded boob job and ended it with paparazzi taking unflattering pictures of her lady parts. Spears has had two marriages, two divorces, and two children during the 2000s.

Or course there's always the music too. Unlike search for Lady Gaga which brings up options like "hermaphrodite" and "is a man", a Britney search is all about the music. Unfortunately, all that music is for her trashy "3".


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