Kanye West Is Back

Kanye West has been lying low ever since the whole Taylor Swift thing. Smart move, but now, he's back.

The rapper released VH1: Storytellers yesterday, a goosebump inducing live set (No, seriously, I got goosebumps listening to it) and recently blogged about his new music. In true Kanye fashion, the blog post is in all caps. I don't feel like transcribing it so you can read it for yourself:The gist of it is, Kanye is a "true poet" and he shows "the same dedication that Kobe has on the court". Any of you haters don't believe him? Check out his performance of "Heartless" from the Storytellers DVD.


Anonymous said...

He is talented-but I still don't like him. He seems to let his color make him, there are more important issues other then what he sings about-and if he claims he is all about God and helping the people in the world-why is he a jerk?

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