MTV: Music Television No More

In its nearly 30 year run as America's premiere channel for music entertainment and news, MTV has always embraced change. Everything from its programming and focus, to its hourly news coverage has gradually shifted over the past decade, complying more and more with the constant demands of today's pop culture.

Therefore, the network's recent unveiling of MTV's new logo and design might not come as a shock to some; the logo remains intact-- the large three-dimensional "M" still stands, hugged by the scribbled "TV"-- but there is one notable difference: the subtitle "Music Television" has officially been omitted.

Even the faces of "MTV" have changed. Entertainers, musicians, recording artists once adorned MTV advertisements and promotional propaganda, but now, faces of lesser known reality TV stars have replaced them.

The sad truth remains: MTV hasn't shown music videos for nearly 5 years. Once TRL went off the air, it took with it the only remaining evidence that MTV used to be about music, and less about trashy reality TV shows, like The Real World and Jersey Shore.

Remember the golden years? When Total Request Live, Say What? Karaoke, Diary, First Listen, and Making the Video were must-sees, dominating our teenage lives? Now it's only a matter of time before they scrap the "M" and replace it with an "R," adding a new subtitle: "Reality Television."

Thank goodness for YouTube.


hun*ter said...

Because of the Internet, MTV can't show full length music videos because no one would sit down and watch them if they can go to YouTube and watch whatever they want whenever they want.

Still, I wish MTV would do some actual music programming instead of the WORST dating shows in the history of mankind. It's pathetic.

AmyHatesPeople!YesThatMeansYou;) said...

It is pathetic. I loved coming home from HS and watching TRL sad to say I did.

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