John Lennon Car Commercial Sparks Outrage

     Video of John Lennon in a British car commercial is causing controversy and some Beatles fans are wondering if the wife of the late rock icon, Yoko Ono, made the right choice letting his likeness be used.

     The commercial is for the Citroen DS3 which is being advertised as the "anti retro" automobile.  In it, Lennon says, "Once a thing’s been done, it’s been done.” He adds: “Looking backwards for inspiration, copying the past — how is that rock ’n’ roll? Do something of your own. Start something new."

     The singer's son defended the decision saying that it was a way to keep his father and the Beatles in the public eye, and not for money.  He said that it was "hard to find new ways to keep dad in the new world," and "you wouldn't believe how many teenagers ask me who the Beatles were."


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