National Enquirer Up For Pulitzer Prize

     The Pulitzer Prize is one of the highest honors a journalist can receive.  As a symbol of distinguished and quality journalism, it showcases the profession's highest ideals of truth, fairness, and loyalty to citizens - ideals found in publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and, wait for it, The National Enquirer.

     The Pulitzer Prize Board has accepted The National Enquirer's submission for the story of Democratic Presidential candidate John Edward's mistress to be considered for an award according to The Huffington Post.  Giving a supermarket tabloid even the chance to be considered for an award is an unprecedented move.

     "It galls most mainstream newspaper editors that a tawdry tabloid could be considered for their most vaunted prize. It's like nominating a porn flick for an Oscar," wrote an editor of The San Fransisco Examiner.

     The Enquirer will be up for two awards, "Investigative Reporting" and "National News Reporting" for single-handedly uncovering a story that no major news organization would touch.  Their reporting brought to light Edwards' affair with a campaign staffer, a child he had with the woman, and the cover-up that ensued.

     Even after The Enquirer broke the story, it got no traction as major news organizations ignored it.  It wasn't until August of 2008 that Edwards finally admitted to the affair on ABC News.  Still, he denied fathering a child.

     While many are upset over the nomination, there are some who view the Enquirer's consideration to win as journalism's acceptance of its changing landscape and unsure future.

     "The decision by the Pulitzer Board gives The Enquirer legitimacy, which is long overdue for its work uncovering political scandals — including Gary Hart's affair and Jesse Jackson's love child — the old-fashioned way, by investing the time and manpower into a long-term investigation. The media establishment is also showing that it recognizes that the landscape has changed, so small or non-traditional outlets are breaking important stories," wrote Huffington Post writer Emily Miller.

     Both the Grammys and the Oscars are catering to the general public by opening the show with Lady Gaga and doubling the number films that were nominated respectively, why shouldn't the Pulitzer Prize Board do the same thing?  And it will send a strong message to the liberal elite media and liberal regular media I keep hearing about.

     Pulitzer finalists will be announced on April 12.


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