Oh Yes He Did

     The health care bill has passed.  Last night, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 219-212 to do so.  Every House Republican voted no along with thirty-four Democrats.

     This is a major victory for the Obama administration which was been criticized for not getting much of anything done in it's first year.  "Yes we can," tweeted the Barack Obama Twitter account shortly after the vote.

      The bill is expected to reach the President's desk tomorrow, and when it's finally signed, Barack Obama will be the one who Democrats and history credits for completing the Democrat's social agenda.  His place alongside Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson is all but assured.  He'll also be the one who Republicans credit for making America more socialist.

     Historically, it's amazing the bill passed.  Universal health care has always been political suicide.  Obama and the Democrats seemed destined to face the same backlash that the Clinton administration and the Democratic Congress faced in the 90s.  Not even FDR or LBJ touched it.

     Only time will tell how the bill will impact America.  The cost, the bureaucracy, the unforeseen and unintended consequences, it will all reveal itself in the coming years and decades.  After the jump, check out a map showing how Congressmen voted and check out the New York Times article explaining how the health care bill will impact you.



AmyHatesPeople!YesThatMeansYou;) said...

Yes we can!!! :) see now reading this post and some others I believe I have figured out what Politicle party you assoicate with. :)

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