U2 Tops Billboard's Money Makers List

Billboard has released it's 2009 Money Makers list, detailing the top 40 earners in the music industry.  The tally takes into account sales of CDs and downloads, merchandise, and most importantly, concert tickets.  Touring is the most lucrative aspect of popular music, and it's evident with U2 topping the list.  The group is currently halfway through what is expected to be the highest grossing tour in history, the 360 Tour.  Billboard estimates that U2 earned $108,601,283 in 2009.  The 360 Tour is U2's first under their new all-inclusive music/touring/merchandise deal with concert promoters Live Nation.

Bruce Springsteen landed in second place after a successful year that included a Super Bowl performance, studio album, exclusive Wal-Mart hits compilation, as well as an extensive touring schedule.  Last year's chart topper, Madonna, came in third.  The Queen of Pop completed her Sticky & Sweet Tour which is now the most successful tour by a solo artist in music history.  Her touring revenues made up for her music sales which are lagging relative to earlier years.

AC/DC mixed touring revenues with music sales, including strong sales of their back catalog to finish in fourth.  Britney Spears came in fifth following her wildly successful Circus tour and strong digital download sales of her singles.  Rounding out the top ten are Pink, The Jonas Brothers, Coldplay, Kenny Chesney, and Metallica.

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1. U2 ($108.6 million)
2. Bruce Springsteen ($57.6 million)
3. Madonna ($47.2 million)
4. AC/DC ($43.6 million)
5. Britney Spears ($38.8 million)
6. Pink ($36.3 million)
7. Jonas Brothers ($33.5 million)
8. Coldplay ($27.3 million)
9. Kenny Chesney ($26.5 million)
10. Metallica ($25.5 million)
11. Fleetwood Mac ($24.7 million)
12. Nickelback ($23.67 million)
13. Beyonce ($23.65 million)
14. Elton John ($22.1 million)
15. Miley Cyrus ($21.2 million)
16. Il Divo ($20.9 million)
17. Dave Matthews Band ($20 million)
18. Andre Rieu ($19.4 million)
19. Rascal Flatts ($17.9 million)
20. Michael Jackson ($17.3 million)
21. Taylor Swift ($17.2 million)
22. Depeche Mode ($16 million)
23. Billy Joel ($15.7 million)
24. Trans-Siberian Orchestra ($14.6 million)
25. Kings Of Leon ($14.4 million)
26. Celine Dion ($14.3 million)
27. Brad Paisley ($14.2 million)
28. Keith Urban ($14 million)
29. Tina Turner ($13.1 million)
30. Lil Wayne ($12.8 million)
31. Paul McCartney ($12.2 million)
32. Green Day ($12.1 million)
33. Toby Keith ($11.9 million)
34. Kiss ($11.8 million)
35. Cher ($11.4 million)
36. Andrea Bocelli ($10.7 million)
37. Phish ($9.9 million)
38. Bob Dylan ($9.6 million)
39. Leonard Cohen ($9.5 million)
40. Bette Midler ($9.4 million)


HesstonsHullabaloo said...

The Britney Spears Circus Tour Concert was one the greatest things to happen to me. It was amazing. I can't say I'm shocked to see the Jonas Brothers so high on this list, but I am a bit disappointed that they can get so much acclaim because a bunch of hormonal preteens are drooling all over their skinny jeans & greasy hair. Then again, maybe I shouldn't complain. I will confess to be a Miley Cyrus fan. ha

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