You Google Your Name and You See...

Our online repuations are so important these days. Most of us have "googled" ourselves at one time or another, just to see how we are portrayed to the internet world. But what happens when our reputations are tarnished by occasionally untrue gossip or innappropriate photos? Many celebs have found themselves victims to past mistakes showing up online years later.
It is important to get rid of that stuff- because it's entirely likely that your future employers and boyfriends will Google you. And who wants to hire or date an internet hussy? Nobody.

What is the solution to fixing your online reputation?
1. Sign up for Google Alerts: Any time someone spreads rumors about you, you will be notified.

2. Start a blog called this will pop up first in a Google Search. Make sure to update with interesting content so they will get caught up in reading it.

3. Sign up for every social networking site possible.
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace... etc. The more accounts you have, the more of that first page they'll take up and then that picture of you making out with a Johnny Depp cutout will get bumped to the second page.

Never do this, or it will end up online:
1. Make your eyes look Chinese, like Miley Cyrus did, or take pictures of yourself in a bra like Miley did, or pose inappropriately with your dad, like Miley did.
2. Grab a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton's boob, like Barack Obama's head speechwriter did.
3. Tell racist jokes at a comedy club, like Kramer did.
4. Scream profanities at an inferior, like Christian Bale did.
5. Call your daughter "a little pig" in a voicemail, like Alec Baldwin did.


hun*ter said...

Words to live by.

HesstonsHullabaloo said...

Well I guess I should start crackin' on this. I might actually have to care about my reputation soon. I want my merging adult stage to stretch out a bit longer but I suppose it'll be coming to an end soon.dannnng

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