Christina Aguilera Rediscovers Modern Music...Sort Of

     It's been four years since Christina Aguilera released a studio album, the retro inspired Back To Basics.  She's decided to come out of hibernation with a new album entitled Bionic.  The cover is phenomenal.  It's the antithesis of what covers of pop albums are supposed to be.  Aguilera has said the album will be an electro-record, showing that she's decided to make modern music once again.

     The lead single, "Not Myself Tonight" is a perfectly fine pop song, but it's also a little late to be sonically cutting edge.  The tune bears the thumbprint of Timbaland and his world conquering pop circa 2006 with the same pops and clicks he became famous for.

     "I didn't write it, actually. I really make sure that I write all my material because it's really important that I feel it, but that song kind of showed up at my doorstep," Aguilera said.  "I was feeling like going back into the studio and expressing what I'm feeling, and what I've learned. So I was asking for tracks, and what not, and that just kind of showed up. I was like, 'Oh my God, I have to sing this song - it's just so me'."

     So basically, after not releasing an album for nearly half a decade, she starts to freak out when she doesn't have a killer lead single so she takes what's given to her.  No worry, it will probably be her best charting song in almost ten years.


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