Ellie Goulding Brings in the Big "Guns and Horses"

      Ellie Goulding is a British singer-songwriter who won the BBC's Sound of 2010 poll for breakthrough artist.  Her debut album Lights is phenomenal, and she reached No. 4 on the British charts with her single "Starry Eyes".  Her new single, "Guns and Horses" is now out and its the bomb.  Goulding's songwriting is "indie", but because she's a girl with a little synth, she's classified as "pop".  It doesn't matter what you call it though, because this girl is good.

Ellie Goulding — Guns And Horses from Alex Osipov on Vimeo.


HesstonsHullabaloo said...

I liked the song for the most part, with the exception of the "I would line". I'm not gonna lie I really wanted to die when I heard that broken record like sound she was making with her throat. I didn't dig that bit of it at all. The music video was fun - I enjoyed the butt shaking moving she did at the end. It was interesting how she showed the camera crew at the end...

Nick said...

Awesome! I kinda felt like she was trying to put a spell on me with way she moved her hands sometimes.

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