Say My Name, Say My Name: What Rock Stars' Mothers Call Them

     You might think rock's most famous drummer was lucky to get such a memorable name, but Ringo Starr was actually born Richard Starkey.  And would America be so gaga for Gaga if she went by Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

     Bands get to pick out a name that portrays their sound and the image they want to project, so why shouldn't every other artist?  It's a practice rapper routinely engage in, but you'd be surprised at the country stars that adopted a stage name as well.  Check out the real names of artists as varied as Elton John, Jay-Z, and Bono after the jump.

2Pac - Lesane Parish Crooks
50 Cent - Curtis James Jackson III
Alice Cooper - Vincent Damon Furnier
Alicia Keys - Alicia Augello Cook
Bob Dylan - Robert Allen Zimmerman
Bono - Paul Hewson
David Bowie - David Robert Hayward Jones
Elton John - Reginald Kenneth Dwight
Eminem - Marshall Mathers III
Faith Hill - Audrey Faith Perry
Jay-Z - Shawn Corey Carter
Katy Perry - Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
Lady Gaga - Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Lil Wayne - Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.
Pink - Alecia Moore
Ringo Starr - Richard Starkey
Santigold - Santi White
Shania Twain - Eilleen Regina Edwards
Stevie Wonder - Stevland Hardaway Judkinds
Tina Turner - Anna Mae Bullock
Will.I.Am - William James Adam Jr.


Chioma said...

I wonder what their friends call them! Especially people like Bono who have gone by their fake names for so long.

And maybe you should link your favorite book blog on the side there. It's a "legit site" I would say

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