Arizona Threatens To Turn L.A.'s Lights Off

     Arizona is threatening to kill the lights in Los Angeles in response to the city's boycott over Arizona's new immigration law.  The L.A. city council voted 13-1 last week to boycott the state over SB1070, a law which requires all non-citizens to register and carry their documentation with them.  Los Angeles joined the growing number of critics including President Obama, Shakira, and Phoenix's own Western Conference finalists, the Suns, in voicing their opposition to the legislation. 

     Arizona is refusing to budge however.  The state supplies 25 percent of L.A.'s electricity and Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce threatened to pull the plug in response to the boycott.

"I feel like if you're going to boycott the candy store, you've got to leave all the candy alone," said Pierce. "I feel like Arizona is the candy store."

     As it turns out, Arizona doesn't have the power to cut L.A.'s power as California owns part of the Arizona electricity companies.  So don't worry, tonight's Suns-Lakers game and American Idol will go on as planned.

     Los Angeles isn't the only city to boycott Arizona.  San Diego, San Fransisco, Oakland, and Boston, are among the cities that have decided to not do business with Arizona-based companies.  Some predict that Arizona stands to lose $90 million from a major boycott.


AmyHatesPeople!YesThatMeansYou;) said...

Good for those cities-and I oppose Arizona as well, I feel that we do not have to carry our birth certificates around saying we were born here in California or where ever we were born why should others have to? Seriously this land of the free is becoming more controlling day by day.

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