Drake Is Far From "Over", He's Only Just Begun

      Kanye is on a Taylor Swift-induced exile, Lil Wayne is in prison,  Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 is finally running out of steam, and although Eminem has shown some promise with "Not Afraid", his recent track record is spotty.  Thank heavens for Drake.  He is the most exciting thing in hip-hop right now.  His newest single, "Over" is hot, his debut album, Thank Me Later, is set to drop June 15.  
     Drake, a Canadian actor turned rapper, starred in Degrassi.  You remember, that one show where every overly dramatic thing that could possibly happen in a high school happened in each episode?  His breakthrough single "Best I Ever Had" reached No. 2 last year, but Drake has yet to release a full length album.  Give "Over" a listen below.  This guy is the man.


David Baker-@DB389 said...

Ugh auto-tone! why oh why do you have to use auto-tone Drake!?!

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