Free Download: Mike Posner "Cooler Than Me"

     Mike Posner is a Duke graduate who spent his weekends trying to be a rock star by touring and working on mixtapes.  Managed by the same manager as not-quite-there-yet rapper Wale, he's collaborated with artists as cool as Kid Cudi and as lame as 3OH!3.  His debut single, "Cooler Than Me", just made the top 40 this week at position No. 40 and is available for free legal download here.  It's one part Sam Sparro, one part Kid Cudi, and one part Robin Thicke.  Check the video below, but be warned, the song doesn't start until a minute in.  What was his manager thinking?


Caitlin said...

This is the ultimate site for free downloads- check it out.

Nick said...

I like, he sounds pretty good. I think his vid isn't bad-A enough though. He smiles a little too much.

Kamagra said...

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