Car commercials with cool songs have yet to convince me to buy a car, but they have an excellent track record at compelling me to drop some scratch at iTunes or Best Buy.  Last year, Phoenix's "1901" soundtracked the "re-imagined, re-inspired, and reinvigorated" Cadillac SRX.  The SRX had a major improvement in sales, and "1901" landed at No. 4 on 17 Track's Top Songs of 2009 list.  This year's contender for top car commercial song is Shiny Toy Gun's "Major Tom" which is featured in an ad for the Lincoln MKZ.  It's a cover of the 1983 hit by German singer Peter Schilling.  The song has a soaring melody, but it's about an astronaut lost in space.  It's not exactly the kind of topic that makes you want to test drive a Lincoln, is it?


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