Album Review: Christina Aguilera "Bionic"

"Mirror mirror on the wall, they say I'm stuck up, but I'm not at all.  Never mind I am.  It's not my fault I'm the s***." - Christina Aguilera, "Vanity"

     The pop landscape has changed dramatically since Christina Aguilera released her last studio album four years ago.  Fears that she wouldn't be relevant subsided when she started talking about the music she was making.  The album was entitled Bionic, she was working with M.I.A. and Sia, and then she unveiled the album cover that seemed to promise a landmark forward-thinking pop masterpiece.  Then we heard the music.

     Although songs like the title track and "Glam" fulfill that promise, most of the songs are Blackout b-sides like "Not Myself Tonight".  The album is filled by a bloated tracklist of pointless intros, pathetic attempts to be sexy, and songs about how awesome she is. 

     The cohesive feel of the record is interrupted by a pile of ballads dumped in the middle.  Although they don't fit cohesively into the flow of the album, songs like "Lift Me Up" and "I Am" are actually the highlights.  They remind you why Aguilera is a star in the first place - her voice.

Rating: 5/10
Must download: "Bionic", "Glam", "I Am"


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