Alleged Demos for Upcoming Britney Album Surface

     Pop star Britney Spears is rumored to be working on her seventh studio albums and a few demos have surfaced that are claimed to be recorded for the album.  Producer Fernando Garibay posted on his website this week that he is responsible for "Outta My Head" for Britney Spears in 2010.  He previously worked on two Britney B-sides, so good luck to him on that.  The second track rumored to be for Miss Spears is "New York City" by Akon.  Maybe instead of pretending to care about the current East Coast-West Coast "rivalry" in pop right now, Britney can record a song about Louisiana.  "Louisiana Gurls" [sic] maybe?

     Hear the alleged demos after the jump.  Don't fall in love with them too much though.  I'm guessing Britney will never even record her own version of either track.

"Outta My Head"

"New York City"


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