BYU Hosts World Record Breaking Water Balloon Fight

     Brigham Young University broke the world record for largest water balloon fight this weekend when nearly 4,000 students met at the RB fields for the "Cougar Cooldown".

     The event broke the previous record set by the University of Kentucky in August 2009.  120,021 water balloons were used in the fight, and volunteers spent 48 hours filling them up.

     Students were divided into two teams.  One side sported blue and orange shirts while the other side wore pink and green shirts.  The blue and orange team was obviously the best team because blue is the color of the Cougars,  and any guy who chose to wear a bright pink shirt is obviously a tool.

     The event was not planned by BYUSA, so you can continue to hate them for doing nothing for you and spending lots of money on themselves, but BYUSA vice president Sterling May was among the volunteers filling up balloons, so you can't hate too much.

     The fight was actually put together by the Spring/Summer Department and the award-winning Ad Lab who hoped the event would be a fun way to encourage students to attend classes during the spring and summer terms.

     “[Students] don’t realize that Provo is a really fun place to spend spring and summer,” said Sara Martinez, the BYU Ad Lab project manager for the event to the Daily Universe. “They just leave because none of their friends are here, they don’t realize what happens during these four months.”

     Yeah, like hordes of EFY kids running around chanting at the top of their lungs all day?  Still, I wouldn't miss out on spring or summer term for anything.  Getting pelted by water balloons that don't break half the time so it feels like you're getting slapped around is only one reason why Provo is the place to be during the break.  Another reason is P-town is the most patriotic place on Earth when July 4th rolls around.

     Despite the fun students had in the fight, some people feel that the event promoted harmful Mormon stereotypes.

     "Okay, these record-breaking BYU activities sound like fun and everything, but is anyone worried about reinforcing corny Mormon stereotypes?  World's largest game of capture the flag?  BYU.  World's biggest water balloon fight?  BYU.  What's next?  World's silliest game of duck, duck, goose?" asked McKay Coppins in a Facebook post.

     No plans have been made for a silly game of duck, duck, goose, or a massive game of beer pong, but Cougars are eagerly awaiting the announcement.


Alan Taylor Farnes said...

I was there--on the orange team--and had no clue they were divided blue/orange vs. green/pink. Wow. Glad I was on the right side. I kept thinking, "Why the different colored shirts if we're all just going to cram in here?" I know, I'm a moron.

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