New Spice: Study Like a Scholar, Scholar

He’s ripped, he’s smooth-talking, and everyone is in love with him. “Old Spice Guy” now has some real competition, Brigham Young University’s “New Spice Guy.” Stephen Jones, a senior and president of Humor U (a BYU comedy group), stars as the charismatic A+ student who has a sweatshirt torn from his body, catches random things flying through the air, and rides a man-powered cart.

The video appeared on YouTube this past Thursday and has gone viral within just a few days. With it appearing multiple times in a row on Facebook News Feeds that the same day, and now making appearances on the CBS Evening News with Ms. Katie, and today on CNN, it has reached over 1.09 millions views and there is no sign of the views slowing down.

It started with Jones doing a parody of the Old Spice commercial for Humor U performances. He was then approached by a group of students who work at the Harold B. Lee Library that wanted to stage a parody inside the library. It took a crew of 10 students and several volunteers to pull off the feat. Their goal was to create an entertaining video that would be close to the same level as the original without any computer special effects. After about three weeks of production Jones is now an Internet sensation.

It probably won’t get students to study more at the library, if anything it’ll probably just get more people there to use the free computers to watch the video.


Madison said...

The images on here are all skewed on my tiny laptop screen.

PS. Isn't it weird that the word skewed sounds like the letter Q but doesn't have any Qs in it?

Anonymous said...

You can see videos of Stephen's stand up comedy at:

Stephen dances too!

Elfie said...

Actually, we've gotten quite a lot of people that said they didn't know there was a Snack Zone, or that Periodicals was such a cool place, and that they'll study here more. Amazing how food + great comedy seems to be the magic remedy for boring schoolwork :)

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