Bee-Money a Provo Legend

Anyone who has been in Provo for sometime has probably had a run in with Bee-Money, the local rapper. A few nights ago he stopped by my house as my friends and I were enjoying an evening on the porch. We shared some pie with him and he shared some of his new music.

Bee-Money is not the typical rap artist. For one thing he raps about Provo. He also raps about staying out of trouble, not doing drugs, believing in God, and living the life in the 801. Bee-Money has been rapping for around 15 years and records over at the Muse.

Check him out and maybe share some pie with him next time you see him.



Anonymous said...

The only thing that would have made it better would be if you guys were enjoying creamies.

kels said...

Oh em gee

AEJones said...

I like your "run in" comment - I think I've almost hit him a couple of times while trying to cross the streets in south Provo. Got to love him.

HesstonsHullabaloo said...

Well I think if he is happy with himself and with life he should just keep doin what he loves. But.... I have to stay that anyone could rap better than him. He doesn't understand the concept of a beat or how to change pitch to emphasize/ make it sound better.

He has some fun dance moves. Ya Ya wiggle that white arse!

B Money = P-Town Wangstaa

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